Diagnosing Hidden Atrial Flutter

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4 thoughts on “Diagnosing Hidden Atrial Flutter

  1. ekgpress says:

    Nice post that totally supports my observation over the year that by far, the most commonly overlooked diagnosis is atrial flutter! – which becomes unlikely to happen IF your readers can assimilate your pearls of wisdom. KEY: Not to miss flutter because one hasn’t thought of this possibility. NICE JOB – : ) Ken Grauer, MD (ekgpress@mac.com)

  2. Alexis Doreski, MD says:

    Very useful, I found your post clarifying, thank you very much for your contribution.
    Alexis Doreski, MD. Argentina.

  3. Great post and topic review– the most extensive summary of a-flutter diagnostic “tricks” I have yet seen in one place! I particularly appreciated your reference to the Bix Rule; I was unaware of this entity and I am very glad to have it on my radar. Keep up the good work!

  4. […] more tips to becoming an Atrial Flutter Rock Star, check out our friend Vince DiGiulio's blog post "Diagnosing Hidden Atrial Flutter". Posted by Christopher Watford on September 21, 2012 • Filed under: ems-topics, […]

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