Where to Put That Gravid Uterus

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3 thoughts on “Where to Put That Gravid Uterus

  1. Brandon O says:

    Great stuff. What’ve you found on the left vs. right issue?

    My general thought is that propping the backboard on the stretcher rail would be my first go-to solution. That’s probably 15-20 degrees.

    • Vince D says:

      Most of my information was either straight-from, or already referenced in, the 2010 AHA guidelines or this (http://apps.who.int/rhl/reviews/CD007623.pdf) Cochrane Review on patient position during caesarean section. The right vs. left question is analysis 4.1 on page 27, which boils down to single study from 1978. I managed to find the actual study here (http://tinyurl.com/bsnb4u6), and it seems decent enough by 1978 standards.

      The rail idea sounds like a good one, so I think I’ll actually measure the angle next time I’m at work. My guess would be in the 10-15 degree range

      • Brandon O says:

        Excellent. You even hear it said sometimes that the standard “recovery position” for airway management should be left rather than right, but I’ve never heard any justification for that and always suspected it merely evolved from the desired to have the patient facing the tech in an ambulance. But the maternal version makes good sense at least.

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